Top Motor 60x60x25mm Low Speed 3/4 Pin Combo Fan
Model: DF126025SL-3/4G
SKU: 20625-37

Size(mm): 60 x 60 x 25
Description: Top Motor 60x60x25mm
Low Speed 3/4pin combo
DC 12V
Sleeve Bearing
Current (Amp) 0.30
Watts: 3.60
Air flow: 32.84
Static Pressure: 10.04
Noise (dBA): 43.20

PWM: Available in Dual Ball Bearing. Request special order for Sleeve Bearing

"v" avaliable for PWM function

MTBF (Operating temp. 25°C): Sleeve Bearing: 2035000 hours,Dual Ball Bearing: 50,000 hours

Items Descriptions:
Label Size 32mm
Frame PBT+30%GF UL94V-0 (Black)
Impeller PBT+15%GF UL94V-0 (Black)
Weight 62±5 grams
Operating Temperature - 10 C ~ + 65 C (65 %RH)
Storage Temperature - 30 C ~ + 70 C (65 %RH)
Vibration Test Displacement Amplitude: 0.75mm(Equivalent 10G)
Frequency Range:10Hz<->55Hz/30SEC.
Linear Scanning 120 Cycle
Endurance Timer Per Axis: 30Min.
Orientation: X,Y,Z.
Drop Test Motor withstands one free body drop from 30 cm in high onto 10 mm thickness of wooden board for each of the
three faces in minimum packing condition.
Acoustic Noise 32.6dBA – Curve (Max32.9dBA)
Measuring Condition – Under rated voltage in semi-anechoic chamber equipment sound level meter

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