NMB 2406KL-04W-B36
Dell OptiPlex

Compatibility Dell Part No 89506, 089506:

OptiPlex GN, OptiPlex GX1, Optiplex GX1 L, Optiplex GX100 SFX,
OptiPlex GX110, Optiplex GX110 L, OptiPlex GX1P, OptiPlex GXA,
Optiplex GXA EM L, Optiplex GXA L FAN 60X15MM 12V KLMTH

Thermal Control with Heat Sensor
60x60x15mm Low Profile
Variable Speed Double Ball Bearing
6" 3wire, 3pin Dell connector ( Fits in motherboard standard 3pin )
Can be substituted for
DELL 0615-12MBTL
Minebea NMB
Size: 60x60x15mm
Bearing System: Double Ball Bearing
Rated Voltage: 12V
Input Current: 0.15A
Input Power: 1.8W
Speed: 3600 RPM +/- 10% Thermal Control with Heat Sensor
Air Flow:  ~17 CFM +/- 10%
Static Pressure: 0.12 inch-H2O
Noise Level: 28 dBA
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