ZOWIE GEAR consists of experienced individuals that share the same
objective --- develop high quality, efficient, and durable products all at
affordable prices . All the products of ZOWIE GEAR are developed for
people's ideal. It is through our development and critical production process
that makes these dreams come true.
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1.5 mm lift-off distance - one of the lowest on the
market to date
One of the primary features of the ZOWIE EC-series
is the lift-off distance. ZOWIE EC-series has made it
possible to create one of the lowest lift-off distance
currently available in any optical mouse on the
market - 1.5 mm.

1,000Hz USB Report Rate - plug and play with 1.000
Most optical mice are 125Hz which can be
artificially raised to 500 – 1,000Hz through driver
installations. The ZOWIE EC mice are the only
optical mice which has 1,000 Hz from standard,
without any installation of drivers.

Improved mouse wheel
The mouse use an optical encoder instead of the
cheaper traditional mechanical system and added a
new optimized rolling system developed by ZOWIE,
which ensures that the mouse wheel is the most
durable and precise mouse wheel on the market

Adjusting DPI on the fly is not really an innovative
feature, but ZOWIE decided to put it on the mouse
anyway, as it's important for a gamer to be able to
optimize the settings to create the perfect feeling
when playing.

Two shapes - four mice
HeatoN's EC-series consist of four mice with the
same features and specifications. The only
difference is coating, color and size.

EC1 and EC2 black, has a rubber coating to
increase the grip when holding.
EC1 and EC2 pure white, has the popular smooth
coating which reduces sweaty palms.

Quote from Emil "HeatoN" Christensen:
"In my 10 years as a professional gamer, every day I
have wanted to develop the ideal mouse for
competitive gaming." .. "as a competitive gamer,
you have to be able to rely on your equipment to be
functional at all times. The mouse is probably a
gamers most important tool, so it is important that
you can trust it to deliver. We have put our focus on
precision, stability, durability and comfort. No more
excuses. It's up to you now!"

- 100% stable optical mouse developed for gaming
by HeatoN
- Ergonomic designed right hand gaming mouse
- 1.5 mm lift-off distance due to custom developed
- Improved mouse wheel system
- 500/1,000/2,000 DPI adjustment
- 1.000Hz USB report rate
- Operating System: Win2000/XP/VISTA/7 or Mac
OS X v10.2 after

- Frames Per Second: 6,500
- Inches Per Second: 40
- Dots Per Inch: 500/1.000/2.000
- Max. Acceleration: 15G
- 1,000Hz USB report rate
- Connector: USB
- Buttons: 5
- Dimensions:
    EC1: 128 x 43 x 62~70 mm / 5 x 1.7 x 2.44~2.76
    EC2: 120 x 40 x 58~65 mm / 4.72 x 1.57 x 2.28
~2.56 inch
- Length of cable: 2m