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Rexus USA is an American wholesale distributor of personal computer components, including cooling fans, cpu fans, case fans, computer cases, cables, digital power supply tester, peripherals, and accessories. For nearly 20 years, we are among the American computer companies that only employ American citizens. We are also proud supporters of our United States veterans and armed forces who defend our rights and liberties.

Rexus CPU Cooler Rexus PC Cooling Fans

Gelid Phantom Black Cooler

  • High-Class Black Nickel Plating
  • 7 Mixed Size Ni-Plated Heatpipes
  • 5 Years Limited Warranty

Gelid Phantom Cooler
  • Advanced Twin-Tower Heatsink
  • 2 Smart PWM Fans
  • Enhanced Mounting Kit
  • TDP 200W Support
Silent LED
Silent LED
(21530-1) 5 Blue LED
(21530-3) 5 Green LED
(21530-4) 5 Red LED
(21530-2) No LED

Rexflo PWM PC fans
80mm PC fans
92mm PC fans
120mm PC fans
250mm PC fans
360mm PC fans

Panaflo PC Fans Gelid Solutions Cables, Coolers and Fans

Panaflo PC fans
40mm PC fans
60mm PC fans
80mm PC fans
92mm PC fans
120mm PC fans

RoHS Compliant

Gelid Speedtouch 6
LED Fan Controller with Touch Screen for 6 x 30W Channels The "SpeedTouch 6" provides a total of 6 channels with 30W performance per channel. This fan controller with an aluminum case is fully compatible to all types of fans using voltage control. Each channel includes a temperature sensor.

Gelid Slim Silence AM1
The Slim Silence AM1 cooler comes with a silent 70mm fan. This fan provides high airflow and has an intelligent PWM controller which provides additional air flow only when it is really necessary. With a height of 26mm this heatsink is especially designed for slim chassis with limited space. The cooler is RoHS and WEEE conform and carries a 5 year warranty. Please have a look at the installation manual.

Other Gelid Products  
NZXT Products Rexus Power Supply Tester
NZXT Extension Cables
VGA 6pin Extensions
VGA 8pin Extensions
PSU 24pin Extensions
PSU 8pin Extensions
SATA Extensions
Fan 3pin Extensions

NZXT Case Fans
120mm Case Fan
140mm Case Fan
200mm Case Fan

NZXT Cryo X60
Two 120mm Fans

Rexus PST-3
Digital Power Supply Tester

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